News & Events

Leadership Program
  • Published on :- 2018-12-18

This counseling program was designed in school vacation for our scholarships and sponsorship Children above 13 years old

Rice Donation Day
  • Published on :- 2018-11-30

This is a concept of our long time donor of the Angela Schauler and her friends. On 28th of November, we held this Rice

Trip for SP Children
  • Published on :- 2018-11-05

130 sponsorship children, 101 guardians and 16 staff members of FLCF visited to Colombo on 4th of November, 2018. This i

World children's day
  • Published on :- 2018-10-01

This program organized in Child Guidance Centre (CGC), in Beruwala to celebrate World Children’s Day on 25th of Septem

Annual Trip
  • Published on :- 2018-07-30

This is an important annual event that organizes for children in every preschool to gain many experiences beyond the cla

Kids’ fair
  • Published on :- 2018-06-27

Kids’ fair is one of pre-school event that learns to children to communicate with others and to use mathematical conce

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