Pre Schools

1.“Pearl” Early Childhood Development Centre -Pathirajagama

Situated in Balapitiya "Divisional Secretariat" area in Galle district of Southern Province. There are 32 children and 03 qualified teachers working. It’s new upstairs building including two class rooms, meeting room, office, kitchen, toilets & play ground. This is a model preschool in the area.

2.“Pearl” Early Childhood Development Centre – Pulopallai

Located in Pachchilaippalli "Divisional Secretariat" area in Kilinochchi district of Northern Province. The building constructions started on 21 March 2013. This building includes all the necessary infrastructures such as class rooms, activity hall, toilets, kitchen, store room, sick room and a play ground. This will be the model preschool in the area which is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Co-operation and Development (BMZ) – Germany and PTF approved project.

3.“St. Peters” Early childhood Development Centre – Palakkudawa

Point is located Kalpitiya "Divisional Secretariat" area In Puttalam District of North Western Province. We built a new preschool building for them in last year is funded by Elements water sports & nature resort, Kappaladi.

4.“Pearl” Pradeshiya Saba Early childhood Development Centre – Kosgoda

This project located in the Balapitiya "Divisional Secretariat" area in Galle district of Southern Province. It is newly constructed preschool with all the infrastructures. This project is collaborating with Balapitiya Pradeshiya Sabawa in order to run for a long term.

5. “Pearl” Early childhood Development Centre - Kappaladi

is located in the Kalpitiya "Divisional Secretariat" area in the Puttalam district of North Western Province. This preschool & playground was renovated recently by FLCF. Elements Water Sports & Nature Resort is funding for this project.


This preschool located in the Poonakary "Divisional Secretariat" area in Kilinochchi district of the Northern Province. The building constructions started on 23rd July 2015 and handed over to children on 12th January 2016. This preschool building includes all the necessary infrastructures such as two classrooms, activity hall, toilets, kitchen, office room, sick room and a playground. This will be a model preschool in the area which is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Co-operation and Development (BMZ) – Germany.


Located in Tangalle “Divisional Secretariat” area in Hambantota district of the Southern Province. The pre-school has categorized into Upper (4-5 ages) and Lower (3-4 ages) sections including 170 children. A Principal & 10 qualified teachers, a Security, a caretaker and a school bus driver are in the office staff. This building consists 7 class rooms, 2 offices, a library, a dining room, a sick room, 8 toilets and a big playground. Also, one bus has provided for pre-school children’s transportation from the remote areas


Is located in Angulana in Colombo district. In the morning, it conducts the pre-school and there are 16 children. In the evening, there are tuition classes for school students who are in grade 7-10 and at present, there are 15 students. In this Centre, one qualified, well experienced pre-school teacher and 3 tuition teachers are there to teach Mathematics, English, Science and Sinhala. Those tuition classes are totally free for the underprivileged children who are in that area.

Importance of Pre-schools education (ECCD)

Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD) is the basis of human development. The first years in life are very important, because what happens in early childhood can matter for a lifetime. ECCD emphasizes a holistic approach focusing on the child’s physical, mental, emotional, social as well as cognitive development. The objective of ECCD is to nurture the children for their physical and mental development and to prepare them for schooling with right attitudes and habits.

According to the researches based on psychological and social development of the children done by child developmental specialists, major differences between the children without having experience in pre-schooling and the children who did can be identified. The children having Pre School education are more forward in socially and psychologically behavior than the others. The pre-school years are the most important for teaching a child how to love, share and respect others, meaning all the essential things to live a better life. Pre-schooling is not just about learning numbers and letters; children also learn how to communicate with others, how to express their feelings and develop their creative educational abilities.

ECCD lays the foundation to create future leaders; it is a valuable investment to the society and country. Through the development of the social skills of children in their pre- school age, a foundation for a child's later academic and emotional development can be laid. Adults with more adverse experiences in their early childhood are also more likely to have chronic health problems, including alcoholism, depression, heart disease and diabetes. Early intervention can prevent the consequences of early adversity.