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Giving Sp Money
  • Published on :- 2020-04-09

Due to the current restrictions on meeting, we realized the needs of our children and their parents. Therefore, we did n

Counselling Sessions
  • Published on :- 2020-03-12

For this period, we organized two Counselling sessions in “PEARL” CGC, Beruwala, and Project office in Ambalangoda.

A Field Visit
  • Published on :- 2020-03-06

“PEARL” Preschools Pathiragama and Kosgoda planned their field trips on the 6th of march for different places. From

Kids’ Fair
  • Published on :- 2020-03-03

Kids fair was held on 3rd of March in "Frangipani" Preschool. Especially parents and their commitment should be highligh

A Field Visit
  • Published on :- 2020-02-20

20th of February, “FRANGIPANI” preschool children went to see a Pottery shed Children saw the process of making pots

Independence Day
  • Published on :- 2020-02-04

72nd Independence Day of Sri Lanka celebrated all over the country on the 4th of February. So, it celebrated by all of

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