• - Nelson Mandela -

    “Education is the most powerful weapon
    which you can use to change the world.”

  • - David Platt -

    “We care for orphans, not because we are
    rescuers, but because the rescued.

  • ― Martin Luther -

    “Courage is the power of the mind to
    overcome fear"

  • ― Anne Frank -

    “No one has ever become poor by giving.”

  • ― Mahatma Gandhi –

    “The simplest acts of kindness are by far
    more powerful than a thousand heads
    bowing in prayer.”

  • ― John Legend –

    "The best way to fight poverty is to
    empower people through access to
    quality education."

Welcome to

Friends Lanka Child Foundation

“FRIENDS LANKA CHILD FOUNDATION” (FLCF) is incorporated as a local Non Governmental Organization registered under Registrar of Companies and with the NGO secretariat under Ministry of Defense and Urban Development.

The organization emerged from the Sri Lanka Mission of Friends Kinderhilfe International e.V. (FKI) which had been established in Sri Lanka since 2004. Since then it had been carrying out number of projects for the under-privileged Tsunami affected children and their families. Even though as per the recent decisions of the FKI Head Office in Germany not to implement any new projects in Sri Lanka in the name of FKI Sri Lanka Mission anymore has agreed to act as a funding agency whenever needed. Hence the local team of FKI Sri Lanka Mission has decided to become an independent local NGO. With many years of experiences in implementing projects in Sri Lanka has encouraged FLCF to set up its new organization with new projects.

FLCF believes that the long years of services of workforce will be very useful to the organization to have as the local team with good experience to build strong relationships with the local authorities. Therefore surely this will be the best team committed to build up this independent local organization to serve the poor children in Sri Lanka in a very sustainable way.

Our Vision & Mission

It ‘s to provide better living conditions to access education for a brighter future of the under-privileged children and to their families , regardless of their religion or ethnical background. The focus and the mission is to break the vicious circle of poverty by strengthening children through education, giving them a better perspective in life and encouraging them to represent one day a just, free, peaceful and prosperous society.


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    Every child matters; become the center of Hopefulness for a child

    If you want to have a personal influence in a child's life and be responsible for paving their way into this world, then why not consider our "child sponsor" scheme.


    Be the change and help them lead a better life...

    If you are with a big heart wanting to make a big impact to the society, but feeling restricted by the fact of time, then why not consider being a "project sponsor" which would benefit many.


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    If you would like to make the memorable days of your life more meaningful then why not consider being an "event sponsor"


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