News & Events

A Field Visit
  • Published on :- 2019-01-19

This term, on 19th of February, “Frangipani “Pre-school team visited to Bataatha Agricultural Farm, spent one hour a

Happy Thaipongal
  • Published on :- 2019-01-18

Thaipongal is a harvest festival dedicated to the Sun. So both pre-school from Northern Province organized the Thaiponga

Play with Clay
  • Published on :- 2019-01-10

This event held on 10th of January in Child Guidance Centre for Special Needs Children, Beruwala. All the children used

Temple Visit
  • Published on :- 2019-01-08

CGC Centre organized a temple visit with all the children, teachers and parents under the guidance of FLCF Coordinator.

Annual Concerts
  • Published on :- 2018-12-31

At the end of every year, we hold a set of concert in every pre-school with children’s performance and support of teac

Leadership Program
  • Published on :- 2018-12-18

This counseling program was designed in school vacation for our scholarships and sponsorship Children above 13 years old

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