Pradeep Thirukumaran

Global Ambassador, Friends Lanka Child Foundation

Friends Lanka Child Foundation (FLCF) has appointed Mr. Pradeep Thirukumaran as a Global Ambassador to expand and serve our organization globally. He serves as a Senior Project Manager for a large enterprise Cloud content management company in San Francisco, USA, and served in the Information Technology domain for almost three decades. He resides in Canada and has lived there since 1996. Pradeep is a certified Project Manager (PMP), a diploma in sustainable business studies at Harvard University, Higher management studies at Waterloo University, a current MBA student at Aston University. (2019-2021) and holds many Information Technology certifications.

He is also a mentor and a coach for Aston University MSC students- Mentor program 2019-2022 and working as a Global Ambassador for international students for Aston University.

Pradeep’s deepest passion to serve and help underprivileged human beings has been the greatest asset for FLCF. He has been a long-standing supporter of various charity organizations including FLCF and supporting various other global communities and countries such as Kenya and East Asia.

His experience in working with local and international organizations helps Friends Lanka Child Foundation to fulfill the vision and expand its horizons globally. Pradeep’s has helped FLCF during the years by providing many sponsorships, scholarship projects and has been an inspiring leader to FLCF. His recent involvement in the projects related to the Corona Virus Pandemic has been exceptional and rewarding to many underprivileged families in the North and South of Sri Lanka.

Pradeep's passion to serve and his vast knowledge and experience in this area will be a definite asset to FLCF and to those who are in need around the Globe.

Welcome, Pradeep!