• Published on :- 2016-04-11

I’m Maheshika. I’m from a single parent family. My father passed away when I was very small. I have five siblings; I’m the second child of the family. After the father’s death, we were living with lots of financial difficulties. Anyhow, my mother had to work hard to feed us, but she couldn’t bear the total cost of five children. I met “FRIENDS” when I was in grade 05 and they provided me a very valuable scholarship until I completed my advanced level studies. Also, they provided scholarships for my younger brother and two younger sisters too. By considering our situation, FRIENDS donated a new house for our family. In addition to the scholarship they were direct us to make bank saving for our future and provided counseling’s and career guidance. Currently I’m 21 years old and working as a Receptionist in an Orthopedic Clinic. I never forget Mrs. PIA, my God mother & The FRIENDS team. I wish them to help more underprivileged children all over the world.