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"PEARL" CGC-opening
  • Published on :- 2017-10-15

The opening ceremony of "PEARL" Child Guidance Center (CGC) - Beruwala This “PEARL” Child Guidance Center (CGC) fo

“Poson Bethi Gee
  • Published on :- 2017-07-20

Poson is a festival celebrated in Sri Lanka on the full moon day in June. There are many religious activities organized

“Poson” processi
  • Published on :- 2017-07-10

“Poson” is a festival of great historical and religious significance celebrated island-wide by Buddhists. Alms givin

Flood Donation
  • Published on :- 2016-09-09

Flood Donation Program – Meethotamulla Rahula College – 08th Sep. 2016 - The recent d

  • Published on :- 2016-02-05

This “PEARL” early childhood development center situated in Mulankavil at Poonakary divisional secretary a

  • Published on :- 2016-01-30

PRE-SCHOOL’S ANNUAL CONCERT: Holding concerts will be a good opportunity for the children to improve their talents

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