Sponsorship Program

Individual Child Sponsorship

Our Sponsorship program is for under-privileged children who are living in above areas with low income status of families, mostly orphaned and/or abandoned children. Overall, the program focuses on the children’s educational development. Our main aim is to support the underprivileged children to stand on their own feet in the society. This program has been commenced in Ambalangoda, Balapitiya, Elpitiya, Hikkaduwa, Karandeniya, Kalutara, Panadura, Agalawatta, Bandaragama, Beruwala, Bulathsinhala, Dodangoda, Horana, Madurawala, Millaniya, Baduraliya, Matugama, Walallawita, Ingiriya, Tangalle, Beliatta, Okewala, Dikwella, Colombo, Kesbawa, Maharagama, and Dehiwala of 27- Divisional Secretarial areas in Sri Lanka.

  • What we do?

The sponsorship is a monthly payment scheme for the expenses of their education. 25% of the monthly sponsorship money must be deposited to the bank savings account. The progress of the education is evaluated by the field officers monthly and quarterly home visits and report to the donors. The field officers act as an intermediate channel to the donor and the child. E-cards and Christmas cards will be sent to the respective individual child sponsors as to appreciate the precious support and to strengthen further the connection between them. Further, we take care of every child as “foster parents” and observe their health conditions. In addition give guidance to follow “Vocational Training” when needed. We concern about their studies and when they reach the age of 16 to 18 years we help them to follow Vocational Training programs. We believe that it will be a hold for them to stand on their own feet with the society, if they are employed or self-employed.

  • Scholarship Program

SP children with average marks of 60% of the subjects in school exams will qualify for the Scholarship Program. Marks will be carefully checked at the end of each year with school progress reports. The Scholarship children are getting more opportunities and chances to request educational needs from our Organization since it is an unattainable task for their guardians.

Monthly Individual Sponsorship Fee | US$ 30.00

Sponsor Application
Preschool Child Sponsorship

This Preschool child Sponsorship program is operating in Sri Lanka in several districts to support our children in Preschools and focusing on their early childhood development for two years and schooling in regular basis. Once two years Sponsorship period is covered, if the sponsor is willing to continue the sponsorship, can select new children from any of our Preschools.

  • Our Responsibilities

Our expectation is to qualify our children at our preschool centers to enter into primary schools by providing two years free education, overseeing basic needs such as nutrition, hygiene and other educational needs.

  • Your contribution can make a difference

Sponsoring a Preschool child is a great support to bring up the future of the needy child. It helps the world a better place for children. This Sponsored child also will be another good community representative and no discrepancy among the other children in the preschool. Your sponsorship is a steady source of funding to organize the needs of our children. Needs - hygiene, health and support for education – for a better future. Sponsoring a child today can head to a difference of the child’s future.

  • Appreciation to the Donors.

We appreciate to the donors who have made/ who are making contributions to achieve our organization's objective that is, to bring up the lifestyle of the often and underprivileged children’s’. And trust that you too will make an attempt to support us through this web site to go ahead with this child care activities which is befitting to the entire world.

Monthly Preschool Sponsorship Fee |US$ 10.00