• Published on :- 2016-05-01

We are committed social voluntaries for a long time, and therefore found the idea of taking over a sponsorship for a child abroad, very interesting. It should also be a country that corresponds to our interests, make one holiday to visit with us the sponsored project there. Brochures, flyers, internet research and correspondence with “FRIENDS“ convinced us to launch a child sponsorship in Sri Lanka. Further, convinced that Friends Kinderhilfe is located in our city and we saw evidence of the volunteer work locally. This has encouraged us, because every euro gets to where it is needed. We wanted to visit our sponsored child and his family, to see the country and learn further details about the projects of FRIENDS. We found our godchild in poverty, desperate conditions and were well informed about the family situation. Previously arrived home we were also regularly informed of progress and setbacks of the foster family. At times we could specifically support for our ideas and influence on FRIENDS. Fortunately, it turned out after some time that the need for the family declined and thus no more sponsorship was needed. This is an aspect that we appreciate very much “FRIENDS“. The means is always put to the test, and thus the donations end up in the next sponsorship child. Then we change to our next sponsor child took place. His father died unexpectedly and his mother was overwhelmed with his disabled brother and his little sister.