Counseling Program

  •   To give psychological support to families who continue/ face the same type of problems and challenges in their day to day life.
  •   To improve their knowledge to overcome the important family issues and give them ideas to avoid such problem by protecting them.
  •  To reinforce their mentality.

FLCF has given financial support to many children in Sri Lanka to date to continue their education, further, we noticed some of them and their guardians urgently need an assistance to upgrade their life skills. We have identified some sort of barriers and poor knowledge in handling their day to day problems, especially when it comes to emotional and psychological issues. We have launched a psychological Counseling program to support these families in addition to the financial assistance which we have given previously.

We strengthen them to face the day to day challenges and to have a peaceful and strong mind not to get frustrated or not to have awful emotions. We promote their life skills in order to gain a sustainable solution for their lives and to reach a good and stable atmosphere in family life with happiness. We also strive to upgrade their lifestyles and livelihood methodology