Flood Donation

  • Published on :- 2016-09-09

Flood Donation Program – Meethotamulla Rahula College – 08th Sep. 2016 - The recent devastation of flooding had resulted destruction of governmental, organizational and personal properties. Amongst these had been the Meethotamulla Rahula College, where most of the school buildings were damaged and equipment had been unusable or lost. Hence, with the strong and well-built relationship that had been maintained by the local authorities, FRIENDS Lanka Child Foundation was approached for funding for these children at the Meethotamulla Rahula College to support the re-establishment of the school equipment. Thus, with the help of the FKI donors in Germany, FLCF was able to lend a hand to the school’s needs within such a short period of time and was able to donate school educational & Nutrician equipments, Western & Eastern Band music instruments plus completed uniforms to the children, as per the request of the Principal of the school, Mrs. D.D.K.P. Vithana. Handing over of the donated items were held on o8th of September, 2016 at the school main hall, where the Zonal Educational Directress, Ms. Dhammi Kodikara and on behalf of the Educational Ministry of Western Province Ms. Swarna Fernando were present as the Guests of Honor. The Directors of FLCF and the staff members handed the school items over to the children.

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